Health Insurance Denials

Chronically ill people can manage their illnesses more effectively when they have access to proper medical care and treatments. When a person is denied health insurance, and thereby restricted from this medical help, they may feel encouraged to know that our law firm can help. At Rosenfeld & Rafik, P.C., we provide experienced advocacy to people who have been denied medical insurance coverage. We are committed to protecting the rights of chronically ill and disabled people.

If you have been denied health insurance, please contact a lawyer from Rosenfeld & Rafik to discuss the matter. Our firm is deeply involved in and committed to helping individuals access the healthcare and disability benefits that they have been denied.

You Have Options and Rights to Appeal

If you or a family member has been denied health insurance, our firm wants you to know that there are options available to appeal the decision. We work closely with clients, offering personalized services to inform them of their rights and options. Our firm views healthcare as a basic human right–something that must be met as a basic necessity. We vigorously advocate on behalf of sick and disabled clients to ensure they receive health insurance. This insurance provides clients with treatments, procedures, medicines, and other necessities to ensure their medical condition is adequately addressed.

We represent clients throughout all stages of health insurance denial. We strive to reach a resolution during a more informal appeal process in the Office of Patient Protection, and pursue litigation when in the best interest of the client. Please contact Rosenfeld & Rafik in Boston, Massachusetts, today to learn how we can help you.

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