ERISA Coverage Disputes

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 is a federal law. Standards are set under this law that provide individuals with certain rights and protections. Among these are the rights to sue for denied benefits and to seek benefits through an appeals process. Rosenfeld & Rafik, P.C., recognizes the need for chronically ill and disabled people to have access to medical care and insurance coverage, and represents clients in various types of ERISA coverage disputes.

If you or someone close to you needs representation in an ERISA coverage dispute, please contact a lawyer from Rosenfeld & Rafik for a consultation concerning your matter. Our firm is deeply involved in and committed to helping individuals access the healthcare and disability benefits that they have been denied.

Several Types of Plans

As an employee benefit program, ERISA governs several types of plans. Our firm is highly skilled in helping chronically ill and disabled persons obtain the insurance coverage needed to pay for medicine, medical treatment, and other necessities. We represent individuals who are involved in ERISA coverage disputes related to the following:

Our firm is sensitive to the needs of our clients as well as to the sense of urgency presented by their cases. A major illness, such as cancer, can cause fear and confusion. What happens when that fear and confusion is coupled with a denial to cover a necessary treatment? Rosenfeld & Rafik can help. We represent policyholders throughout various stages of an ERISA coverage dispute.

We help clients who have recently been diagnosed with an illness and are curious about what is covered under employee benefits. In these circumstances, we can often review a person’s policy in a consultation. We help clients who have been denied coverage. An ERISA-governed claim will be required to pass through an internal appeals process mandated by the insurance company. We represent clients during this internal appeals process. The internal appeal is a crucial part of the case, and it is equally crucial to have attorney representation during this time.

Please contact Rosenfeld & Rafik today to learn how we can help you in an ERISA-coverage dispute.

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